SQL Data puller - good job title?

  • Hi all! I'm having some trouble finding the correct terminology for the job that I do. Basically, I use sql to pull and organize data for a team of analysts. We are called Data Analysts here, but looking around the job world, that's not really what we do. Dats Puller isn't a popular title with my coworkers, so I was hoping for some advice on what marker term to use. Thanks!

  • Maybe database reporting specialist? Sounds more like what you do.

  • The problem with odd non-standard titles like 'Data Puller', is that you can't line up your personal role to other roles in the industry. The title your employer gives you matters, because it allows you to: establish best practices, benchmark your salary, or qualify yourself for another similar role when job searching. 

    If your job is extracting, transforming, and loading data, then consider the title 'ETL Devloper'.

    If that sounds more like what you actually do, then I'd suggest asking for the title and then living up to it.

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