SQL Compare Not Working Correctly

  • I am using SQL Compare v5. I am using a vpn connection to connect to a clients set of servers. When I open up SQL Compare and try to browse to the databases on the server, I get timeout or connection not found errors. Can anyone tell me if maybe they have ports shut off that SQL Compare uses? If so, what they are?




  • 1.  Verify that the SQL Server is on-line and that you can ping the SQL Server.

    2.  If the SQL Server is online, verify that you are connecting to the correct port.  By default SQL Compare connects using the default SQL Port 1433.  If SQL Server is using a different port, typing the following in Server on the Project Configuration dialog box:

    <server_name>,<port> For example MyServer,1433.

    3.  If you are sure that you are connecting to the correct port, force SQL Compare to use the TCP network protocol, by typing the following in Server on the Project Configuration dialog box:

    TCP:<server_name>  For example TCP:MyServer

    4. You can combine steps 2 and 3 together:

    TCP:<server_name>,<port> For Example TCP:MyServer,1433

    5.  Other factors that may affect a connection outside of SQL Compare:

    SQL Server 2005 and SQL Express 2005 by default do not accept remote connections.  You will need to modify this behaviour in the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration->Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections.

    The account you are using for authentication is incorrect.

    Hope the above helps, if you are still having problems obtaining a connection to your SQL Servers, please contact Red Gate Software Support as follows:

    e-mail: support@red-gate.com

    Telephone US Toll free 1 866 733 4283

    Telephone UK & ROW +44 (0) 870 160 0037

    Many Thanks

    Eddie Davis

    Technical Support

    Red Gate Software Ltd


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