• Hi all 

                We are working with the following environment.

    OS: Win CE 3.0

    Db: SQL DB CE 2.0

    Embedded Visual C++ 3.0 ( eVC++ 3.0)

    Device Name: CASIO IT700

    We want to create a database in the device and access the records in the table. We have created a database then the table with index and then tried to insert the records into the table. We read the records from the CVS file and frame the query then insert them into the table. We have done this using the API’s and not through the query analyzer. 

    We were able to create the DB, Tables successfully. We then read the records one by one from the CSV file, we were able to insert up to 70 records then we ended up with the error E_OUTOFMEMEORY error. What should be the problem for this.

    We are creating the DB in the storage card which is 512MB capacity and has 450 MB free space.



  • i don't think that error refers to free storage card/disk memory, but rather the amount of RAM that is available to perform the query;

    my CE machine has 128M of ram, and witht he operating system installed and depending on the # of programs, my available memory hovers around 57-77M;

    could your app be using up a big portion of memory, or the actual process of reading the CSV file be eating into that?


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