SQL Bits and Community Superheroes

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    I was gutted, and not, to miss last years as it was just up the road from me in Telford when I was abroad enjoying with my family the sunny climes of Greece whilst attempting to do my part in rescuing the Greek economy without ruining mine. (Good luck to the Greeks!!!)

    It always looks good and I shall be making great endeavours to make 2016's as this year is not feasible.


    -- Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen...they're everywhere!!!

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    Great testimonial, thanks.

  • David.Poole

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    I've been to paid for conferences that weren't worthy to hold a candle to the free Saturday SQLBits events. The enthusiasm and time that is put into these events is incredible.

    In the UK it is possible to nominate members of the public for New Years honours based on service to the community. Never mind an MVP I think there is more than one that deserves an MBE.

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