SQL Azure Performance Benchmarking

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  • Very nice technical presentation.

    Did you do a cost comparison or model as well?

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  • That's a really good idea, I should have considered cost too instead of focusing completely on the performance perspective. Factoring in cost would added a dimension the articles lacking, trying to identify the optimum performance / price .

    Thanks for the comment/suggestion



  • Nice article and very useful.

    Does this test consider the "disk" IO and sustained reads/writes (as you would have in a DW/BI platform)?

    Recently we have moved all of our SQL / SQL BI into Azure - with our support vendor deciding A series was sufficient for BI, which it was if you did not consider disk IO - to cut a long story short we have ended up with DS13 over P30s just to get back to a usable DW - this configuration simply sucks your operational budget.

  • The disk io associated with this script is almost exclusively writes. It clears down data at the start of each call, inserts a starting dataset then generates new patterns. This makes performance consistent but it isn't a good simulation of a DW load. To be honest I'm not an Azure expert either and aren't very familiar with all the different scaling options. This article was my 1st brush with Azure, I can't offer much advice though than it seems great.:-)

  • Can this be used for physical vs VM?

  • Hi,

    Yes, was actually designed to compare physical servers with VM's - https://paulbrewer.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/sql-server-performance-synthetic-transaction-baseline/


  • Interesting article, thank you.

  • What were your hardware specs for the servers used in these tests? For physical and virtual?

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