SQL Azure database maintenance.

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    Hi Experts,

    What are the kind of database maintenance activities that we can perform in SQL Azure.

    Can you please share some document about database maintenance in SQL Azure. Basically looking for automating database backups and index rebuild in SQL Azure.



    Tanx 😀

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    I don't have a document I can share with you. Sorry. Maybe something I need to write up.

    The maintenance that is available to you with Azure SQL Databases is limited to the maintenance you can do within a database. This means you can, and should, plan to defragment indexes on a semi-regular basis, depending on the type of data you're dealing with (some Azure storage is very transitory, so index maintenance may not be required). You will need to worry about keeping statistics up to date as data changes. The rules for automatic statistics maintenance in Azure are the same as they are within SQL Server. You can backup to Azure Storage, or you can export databases to local storage (and I can talk to you about Red Gate tools to help with that if you want).

    But that's about it. There are very few knobs to tweak in Azure SQL Databases. The good news is, all the Dynamic Management Objects (DMO) and DBCC commands (for statistics & such, not the ones for CHECKDB, etc).

    The only issue is, you'll have to build your own scheduler because there is no SQL Agent.

    But, I can help you out there too[/url].

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