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  • CavyPrincess (7/16/2010)

    I had to research it the first time. At least this time, I knew the answer. My biggest excitement - actually remembering something "all the way" back to July 9 🙂


    That is one of the great things about this site. Even if in this case by accident, you keep coming here and new knowledge gets reinforced and you start to get a deeper understanding of how to use everything. Just this week I used 2 things I learned on SSC in production.:cool:


    This time:-P.

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  • Thanks for the freebie! Happy Friday everyone!

  • Apologies, we must have had a scheduling error out there. Still, a free point for everyone.

  • Deja-vu I think Steve saw the movie "Inception" and has gotten into our dreams, where he has manipulated our dreams thinking that we have already had this questions but we really haven't. Thanks for the bonus point.;-)

  • I figured you were testing short-term recall to see if people still remembered what they learned. 😉

  • Maybe, because there is confusion over C2 audit?


    The main limitation of the auditing is that it reduces the performance of the SQL Server. This happens due to saving the every action to the file. Second limitation is the hard disk space. These auditing files grow rapidly, which will reduce the disk space. According to the C2 , if it is not able to write to the trace file, SQL Server will be shutdown.



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