SQL 7 Upgrade to SQL 2000

  • Hello All,

    We want to upgrade several databases from SQL 7 to SQL 2000.  Can someone point me in the right direction for MS Best Practices on upgrading.  Or, if anyone has already done this, what is your recommended best practice.


  • Are you upgrading the software or just moving the databases?

    If upgrading the software, make sure that you have good backups of the databases, install 2000, and run the upgrade wizard.

    If you are moving your 7.0 databases to a 2000 server, just back them up and restore them on the 2000 server.  SQL will upgrade them in the restore process.  It will suggest that you run update statistics afterwards.

    Pretty simple upgrade, really!


  • I am currently testing moving from sql7 to new server with sql 2000.

    These resources should help

    knowledge base article 314546 and 240872

    Also 2000 Books on line  selecting a SQL Collation.

    Things to look out for...

    1. Make sure your collation on system databases match the collation on user ones after restore. If they dont have to either reinstall or run rebuildm.exe

    2. Moving logins use sp_help_revlogin and then sp_change_users_login. This seems to work nicely.

    Will let you know if I come across anything else.


  • How about DTS packages, stored procs, views, etc. that were created in 7? Are there any special considerations there?

  • Is there a way to calculate the time will take to upgrade the SQL 7 databases?  I have 8 databases with various number of tables, but 4 are 15 gb or greater in size.


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