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  • Was railroaded into new situation. I am looking to migrate a 500 meg sql 6.5 database from old p 133 server to new dual pIII 933 server with win2000 and sql 6.5 what would be the easiest way. Have been reading something about publishing database to second server. Help!! Thanks in advance kevin

  • Kevin,

    There is an article on this site http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/rsharma/copydatabase.asp that covers the options here rather well. One question and excuse my ignorance but does 6.5 run on Windows 2000 and even if it does, why stay there? If $$$ I can understand but, there are too many advantages with upgrading not to do it.

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  • v6.5 will run on W2K, but there are issues with getting it setup. I would be careful. Better yet, upgrade to 2000 and run in v6.5 compatibility mode.

    I've done this twice and many more times in test. The easiest and best method was bcp out everything and then create the objects on the new server and bcp everything in. We had scripts to manually create our logins.

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  • bcp is the easiest. I just finished moving a large accounting database from 6.5 to 2000 - a couple of bcp scripts worked like a charm. I had to edit only one to make it work.

    Patrick Birch

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  • thanks everyone for the help. Went off with out a hitch. Migration went great. then the upgrade to 2000 went even better. Have now moved this to a sql guru and i'm back to just worring about my servers and patching them

  • Yes. With v7., the query engine was substantially enhanced. Some more improvement in 2000. At this point, you should run 2000. You can set a db to run as a v7 or av6.5 database, so there is no reason not to upgrade (other than $$). The backup/restore engine was substantially enhanced in 2000.

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  • Yes, I'd expect performance to be the same or better. It is SO worth upgrading. Just be done with junk like devices is worth the move.


  • Yes, even poorly written apps will benefit from the enhancements to the storage and query engines. If you have a poorly designed app with lots of embedded sql, the server will still cache some query plans and you will get enchanced performance. More with 2000, but 7 also.

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