SQL 2K SMTP mail on Windows 2K

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  • Nice code, well layed out & well documented.

    Because max on varchars doesn't work too well (it just works on the ascii value of the 1st character - e.g. '7' is greater than '12888234') maybe #fixeddrives should be declared as follows

    Create table #fixeddrives(

    Drive char(1) null,

    FreeSpace bigint null)

    Nice coding - it saved me a few hours!

  • What sort of license is this script distributed under? I'd like to use a modified version of it in a commercial project - is that allowed?

  • When we are sending to the multiple email id's if any of the email id does not exists in our active directory then this mailing stored procedure will not work. The procedure expects all the email id’s for which we have to send mail and should be present in Active Directory.

  • Thanks for sharing this SP. this is so useful doesn't need any MAPI configuration in SQL. I was really struggling with the MAPI configuration which some times use to work and some times not. I was really worried about the solution. This is wonderful procedure which has made our life easy.

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