Sql 2022 Alway ON

  • Hi

    i need to setup a sql server 2022 onprem replicated with sql always on availability group on azure.

    On prem do I need to setup a cluster or can it be a single vm? then replicate it to azure?

    canI use ASR to orchestrate recovery?

    I found some articlesthat says SQL AwaysOn (Recovery Plan orchestrated by Site Recovery)



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  • You need a failover cluster for an AAG. Managed Instance Link may have fewer requirements, but the feature is still unstable.

    To replicate SQL data offsite, you do not need an AAG or failover cluster. You can do log shipping or replication, but it makes your DR more manual.

    You can use ASR to recover, but the rest of your network needs to be configured for it as well. If you are planning on a manual failover, I think it would be a lot of complexity over log shipping or an AAG for a SQL-only DR, but with the same results.

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