SQL 2008 R2 Mirror Node Rebuild

  • Scenario: Rebuild a SQL Server Mirror Node (Current Principal A) where initial mirrored environment is operational. Reason - Server A old and reliability questionable.

    - SQL Mirror in place - Server A principal, Server B mirror, Server W Witness
    - Connection string from app1 is as follows:
    data source=tcp:servera;failover partner=tcp:serverb;initial catalog=db1;connection timeout=150;integrated security=true;application name=app1

    - Failover Database so that the B Server becomes Principal
    - Disable Witness so as to prevent automated failover whilst steps are being carried out
    - Shutdown Server A and rebuild with same name and a fresh install of operating system and SQL Server 2008 R2.
    - Take full backup and a log backup from mirrored database Server B (Now functioning as Principal)
    - Restore full backup and log backup on newly built Server A  using NORECOVERY
    - Recreate Mirroring endpoint on Server A and grant appropriate permissions for Server B and Server W to connect to this endpoint.

    Given connection string,  will these steps allow:
    A)  Applications to connect to B Server whilst Server A is being rebuilt from scratch. In other words Server A is completely unavailable for a period of time.
    B) Mirroring to recommence once backups (full, log) have been restored and endpoints re-established on Server A?

    Our concern is that this is different from the initial creation of a mirror, in that the backup is being taken from the mirrored environment (running at that point without a mirror), rather than a non-mirrored database server. Does this make any difference?


  • No. Once you failover, the secondary node becomes the primary. There is no differentiator between a primary and a mirror. It's just which one generates log and which one receives it.

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