SQL 2005 vs. SQL 2008 Part 1 - (Backup File Sizes & Times)

  • Hi

    The install file is called: SQL2008_DEV_CTP3_Nov_ENU.exe (20 Nov 2007)

    SQL 2008 Developer Edition CTP3 November 2007

    Version Number = 10.0.1075



  • Anybody done any third party compression vs. sql2008 compression?

  • I've only used the Red Gate SQL Backup - it's compression is very good and you can vary the level of compresison, but I haven't had the chanec to compare to SQL 2008 compression yet


  • Is anyone using Symantec Backup Exec™ Continuous Protection, Server Continuous Protection for Microsoft® SQL Server Databases to replace their SQL Server backups and if so how does it compare to Redgate or Litespeed?

    We expect to be using the Continuous Protection Server, but initially just to protect our SQL Server backup files. We have not heard much about anyone using the product to replace SQL Server backups, and possibly log backups, too. But it does sound interesting.

  • What download of SQL2008 are you using for your backup example? My Feb CTP is 10.0.1300 - will your example work with the Feb. CTP?



    Mary Myers

  • If I change the backup compression in sp_configure to 1 (0 is default), will it use compression on all backups?



    Mary Myers

  • Hi Mary

    It seems as if your version number is later than mine. If it is the developer version then it should work no problem.

    If you change the setting and have reconfigured then on the properties of the server should display the server setting



  • I noticed that during SQL2008 backup with compression, the backup file size is doubled until the backup is completed. For example, a database sized 10 GB with the final backup file 2 GB, the actual size (space used) during the backup is 4 GB.

    This means we need double the space for the backup operation.

    Does anyone experience the same? What is the story behind?

  • It is not 20-30% for all.

    my data base has 50 GB size and after compression in sql2008 , the backup file has 32GB.

    and another DB has 20 GB - backup file has 12 GB....

    so about 60% for some databases

    Best Regards,

  • I like this feature very much.

    when i was using sql 2005, that time i was thinking about such feature. Finally Microsoft listen about it and provide it in sql 2008.

    i found only two drawbacks.

    1. Using more CPU.

    2, While restoring database, it'll take more time other then normal backup.

    But i m ok with all these... finally it's saving my drive's valuable space...

    Vinay Kumar
    Keep Learning - Keep Growing !!!

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