Sql 2005 express security

  • leoninicarlo

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    Hi, could somebody explain to me step by step how to attach these databases, I am going crazy.I am running Win 7, I downloaded the files but when I try to attach them I get error message 5 and 5123.It has to do with the new security which I cannot understand. If I take ownership of the Sql server, the Adventure works files and everything else involved I should be able to do it. No way, why the hell do they make it so difficult, at least they could have a good tutorial about it or are we supposed to become all scientist to run a stupid database.Thank you

  • arapaima_uk

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    What action did you take immediately before getting the message?

  • Bill Scott - Alternate Me

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    Error message 5 usually means Access Denied. this is probably because the account your SQL Service is running under doesn't have permissions to the location where the file is stored. This is a seperate userid from the one you logged into your box with. Take a look at your services list to see what the database engine credentials are and then give that account permissions to the directory where the files are located.

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    please send me the site through which i can download adventure works database 2008.

  • neerajtri1

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    please provide me some complex queries using joins and sub queries and self join and corelated query and using some funtions.

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