Sql 2005 database restore

  • The database is in full recovery mode.

    The backup schedule is:

    Full backup every night at 11PM

    transaction log backup every day from 7am to 5 PM

    Someone made some mistake at 7PM on Monday but didn't realize until Tuesday morning. How to restore the database back to Monday night 6:59PM?

    I restore the full backup using Sunday's...apply all Monday's transaction backup...Can I use Tuesday's transaction backup to restore the database to the point 6:59PM on Monday night?


  • Yes. The 7 AM Tuesday T-Log backup contains all transactions logged since the last T-Log backup Monday night.

  • Providing there was no switch to simple recovery between 5pm and the full backup at 11, yes.

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  • If you restore 7 am log with STOP AT option you may loose the other transactions which you may no need to rollback or loose them...

    It depends on the what type of mistake how much data loss can the company can efford...

    Another option would be restore on to a different server 11 pm previous day full backup and restore 7 am t log backup with STOP AT option and copy the data/tables as needed...but as said it all depends on the problem....how worst it is...

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  • Thanks.

    We just need to restore the database back to 6:59PM. any data loss after 6:59 will be ok.

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