SQL 2000 uses 100% resources

  • Hi,

    We've just upgraded our server from NT 4 to Windows 2000 and after that we upgraded SQL Server 7 to SQL 2000 SP 2. When we're running DTS-jobs overnight on the server, performance seems OK, but as soon as a user runs a DTS-job from his client PC (which was also upgraded) performance is going down very badly. If we take a look at the server the sqlservr.exe process takes 100% resources of the CPU.

    We're talking about a dedicated W2K-server for SQL Server with 4 proc. and 1,5 Gig of memory.

    Can someone please tell what is happening ???


  • Have you updated your statistics since upgrading to SQL2K? Is the user running the same package that you're running at night? Have you profiled to see what is using most of the cpu time? 1.5G memory isnt as much as it used to be. Im not saying you should add more to fix the problem, but to consider doing so anyway. Cant have too much!


  • Andy,

    The user is running the same package. During the night it takes 30" while it takes 4'30" at the clients PC.

    We've updated the statistics.

    We didn't use profiler yet.

    I was wondering if it can be a connectivity problem, but both server and client are on the same service pack of SQL.

    Any hints ...

  • Also I had one instance on a test database that corrected itself when I dropped and recreated the indexes. Also, open the DTS package and resave, don't think so but the 7 encryption may be saved, may have an effect (doubt it but trying won't hurt).

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  • Hi,

    using profiler we found that the websweeper process caused all the problems.

    Thanks for your assistance !

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