SQL 2000 Replication Architecture

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    Mahesh M Kodli
    Senior Systems Engineer
    Global Microsoft Unit, Wipro

  • Very informative and good for the beginners

    Vinod Merchant

  • Very Informative indeed!

    As a beginner at replicaion this gave me a good place to start.

    -Ron 🙂



  • The article is great the information given is really invaluable for beginner like me, I would need some help from an except like you. Below is the situation in which I need help for you.   

     I have SQL Server at my Head office in Dubai. We have application built in VB.net; we have our branches at some remote location like Mumbai, sharjah, etc. I need to Synchronized the data between these offices through VPN Connection between offices thought internet. Merged Replication would be type replication I should choose right?

    I have triggers on some tables to make the application faster. Would that effect the replication. Or it would only bit slow.? The big doubt I have would this replication would work fine with my clients having MSDE intalled instead of the SQL server. Would it work fine please suggest me the best.


    Thanks for the precious time reading this email. Waiting for your reply.

  • A great introduction and review.  Any chance of a future column about maintaining replication and making schema changes that are replicated down to subscribers?

  • A great overview, but it is important to note that there are a lot of other good alternatives for replication to SQL Server. If you are interested contact me or check out my Sync Mobile blog below for more details.

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  • Nice article atleast for the beginners.

    Get busy living ....or get busy dying....

  • For begginers it is very very good article

  • You get the credit in my book!  Very good article on replication.  It seemed oddly familiar though so I did a few google searches and found out that not only was it posted here by you on 10/17/2003; but on SQL Server (www.devarticles.com/) on 11/10/2003.  Much of it also appears to have been plagiarized by D.J. Nayendra on 17 December 2004 on another site.

    David Russell
    Any Cloud, Any Database, Oracle since 1982

  • Do you guys know about a good article\book that talkes about maintaining and debuging a replication setup.

    From my experience is not difficult to configure replication, the trick is to fix it if it stopes running.

  • A Good stuff for beginners like me.



  • Its a good article

  • Hi Mr.Mahesh,

    I saw your article on Replication here. Thanks for your clear explanation on

    Merge replication. Article was simply awesome. I have worked out on the similar process and achieved Replication Successfully.

    Thanks for your guidance. I have a query for all of you in Replication. I have scheduled Replication for round the clock and if the Subscriber DB status has come to off line suddenly

    due to some problem then how the Publication acts and what happens to the data in between???? Could you please clarify my doubt if you don't mind.

    In regards…

    Thanks in advance.....

    Best Wishes

    Kalyani P

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