SQL 2000

  • i have drope few tables from my SQL 2000 database by mistake.

    please help me to recover. these table have my important data. which i never loss.

  • please provide what your current backup strategy is?

    .....am sure other experienced forum members will be along soon

    you can lead a user to data....but you cannot make them think
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  • Yep, restore from backup.

    Joie Andrew
    "Since 1982"

  • Lj Burrows - Thursday, September 27, 2018 11:19 PM

    You can recover your all database objects like tables, stored procedure, views by using SQL Database Recovery software

    I would hope that, after five years since reporting the problem, the OP has either already fixed it or reentered all the data, or been fired...

    Thomas Rushton
    blog: https://thelonedba.wordpress.com

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