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  • The best splitter for T-SQL is right here[/url] along with several tests. It will outperform any splitter using while loops or xml.

    With it, you can replace your function to this. Note that it has a limit to 4000 unicode chars (8000 for non-unicode) to avoid the use of large data types and improve performance.

    -- Split and concatenate back to string

    CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[Split_and_concatenate]


    @STR NVARCHAR(4000)

    ,@delimiter CHAR(1)





    SELECT STUFF( (SELECT '; ' + CASE Item WHEN '1' THEN '11'

    WHEN '2' THEN '22'

    ELSE '33' END

    FROM dbo.[DelimitedSplitN4K](@str, @delimiter)

    FOR XML PATH('')),1,2, '')

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