specifying worst value in Decreasing is better - band by normalized value

  • Dear,

    I have a KPI that shows when an cost amount is good or bad : decreasing is better.

    When defining the KPI the worst value is set at 300000 $.

    In my scorecard the KPI the year dimension is added : all years show red, because the cost for each year is higher than 300000. However, when adding the semesters (or quarters ..) : all of them turn green, because the cost of each is lower than 300000.

    The color of the indicator depends on this worst value which is a fixed value. How can you specifiy this worst value to make it have sense for all periods ?

    Franky L.

  • Hi,

    I did something akin to this, I'll tell you what I did, see if it helps you at all.

    I used an MDX statement to calculate an aggregated "worst value" for each level of the hierarchy I was using. This was needed b/c in this case, the scale was 1-4, with 1 being "best" and 4 being "worst", and I had trouble getting any sort of automatic rollup calculations to work. I didn't need an average, I simply needed the "worst" (highest) value in each case, to be displayed.

    Then, in my KPI indicator, I set the Target value to 1 (Fixed Value), b/c 1 was the desired target (1 being "best".) I set my indicator as "Decreasing is better" and Banding method as "Band by numeric value of Actual". I set the threshold values as: Best = 1, Threshold 2 = 1.1 (just past 1), Threshold 1 = 2.1 (just past 2) and Worst = 3 (b/c both 3 and 4 were bad.)

    This worked very well for my Scorecard and KPI rollups.

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