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  • Hi. It's taken me a couple of days to learn to populate a dropdown with a table and pass it to a search page. But the problem I have is the space between words, ie Audio Equipment, Card System. The item has a partner field that relates to the time between electrical testing, which doesn't get found.

    Here's my code

    Response.Write "<form action=""ddquery.asp"" method=""GET"">"

    Response.Write "<select name=""Stock""><option selected>--Select Item--"

    do While Not RS.EOF

    Response.Write "<option value=" & RS("Item") & ">"

    Response.Write RS.Fields("Item")



    I'm retesting at the moment, so here's the 'query' page.

    SearchText = Request.Querystring("Stock")

    response.write (SearchText)

    Thanks in advance.


  • Not sure I'm clear on your problem. Is your problem in returning the query or populating the drop down with the correct values?

  • I can get the query to populate the dropdown, just not pass to the query page.

  • You are not properly delimiting your vlaue in the option so say the value is FLU SEASON it would appear in source as


    and when passed it sends only FLU. To fix this make the following change:

    Response.Write "<option value=" & RS("Item") & ">"


    Response.Write "<option value='" & RS("Item") & "'>"

    now it will source in html as


    And when parsed the beginning quote and end set it off. Finally when sent, the data is sent as FLU SEASON.

    Hope this helps.

  • Cheers mate, that bloody apostrophe gets me every time!

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