Space missing in SELECT statement

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    Easy one to start the week. Thanks!

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    Good way to start a my Monday - after my third coffee 🙂

    Hope this helps...

    Ford Fairlane
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  • Hany Helmy


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    Nice tricky question, definitely some here will fall in it (especially the first choice) 🙂

  • sqlnaive


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    Nice tricky question. I was about to click wrong one but at last moment checked the other option which was correct. It was doubt enough for me to re-check the whole question. Found the answer because of the question title. 🙂

  • ksatpute123

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    I fell in the trap 🙁 . Nice back to basics question.

  • Carlo Romagnano


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    Good tricky question!


  • Bangla

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    Nice question....

  • Anipaul


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    Good tricky one..I got it just thinking about

    'select 1 fromTEST'

  • jagdish.175

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    Good Question.

  • paul.knibbs


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    Seems I get caught out by this alias behaviour every time they ask a question about it... :pinch:

  • twin.devil


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    nice trick question .... very nice start of the week !!!



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    Eassy one..

  • Bhuvnesh

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    tricky for im-patient like me but easy for patient people. 😀

    I work only to learn Sql Server...though my company pays me for getting their stuff done;-)

  • Ed Wagner

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    Through a simple question, it's another reminder to read carefully about what the code says. Good question to start the week.

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