• Quick question: after doing DBCC INDEXDEFRAG on a specific table, do I need to run SP_UPDATESTAS?


  • Would be good .I believe if your database is configured to automatically update stats which is supposed to be a good config.

    Then you may not have to worry too much about it


  • Hi,you could also try

    UPDATE STATISTICS 'tablename'

    with FULLSCAN,




  • thanks everyone. This is an app with sql as backend, both are supported by a vendor. However during the day it intermitenly happens to be slow during search. I can't touch the app or see the codes. The vendor has a nightly maintenance job so they don't seem worry about this. The only thing I can do is to defrag the indexes used in the search (captured in profiler) and just wonder if I need to update statistics. Actually after defrag and update statistics the app rocks.

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