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  • Hello Friends,

    I want to update sp4 on SQLExpress 2005 edition. Do I need to reinstall the SQL server Express edition in order to update the patch on this one? Please help me on this one.

    When I go to the following link I get a couple of download options. I am not sure which one to choose.


    File Name Size

    SQLEXPR.EXE 54.0 MB Download

    SQLEXPR_ADV.EXE 254.0 MB Download

    SQLEXPR_TOOLKIT.EXE 224.0 MB Download

    SQLEXPR32.EXE 35.0 MB Download

  • none of the above.

    go to this page:

    sql 2005 sp4

    and download either the 32bit or 64 bit of Service pack 4.

    that service pack is designed to upgrade any type of instance of SQl Server 2005 (Enterprise, standard,developer,Express,datacenter,workgroup)


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  • Thank you Lowell for your quick reply. The link you gave me would update only below edition of sql server but not the Express Edition. Not sure what do i need to do to get this done...Please help


    •Enterprise Evaluation




  • You just needed to take the jump to the following site - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=184

    Chris Powell

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  • Thanks Jeorge. But the link is taking me to the same place ...these are the sql express setup with SP4 but not just the SP4. I cant use these download as if i try to use them i get the message that you already have sql express installed ......Please help

    Files in this download

    The links in this section correspond to files available for this download. Download the files appropriate for you.

    File Name Size

    SQLEXPR.EXE 54.0 MB Download

    SQLEXPR_ADV.EXE 254.0 MB Download

    SQLEXPR_TOOLKIT.EXE 224.0 MB Download


  • It depends which edition you have installed. SQLEXPR.EXE is for Express Edition, while SQLEXPR_ADV is for Express Edition with Advanced Services. SQLEXPR_TOOLKIT.EXE contains the Management Studio Express and Business Intelligence applications, and SQLEXPR32.EXE is a smaller version of SQLEXPR.EXE that will only work on a 32-bit OS--it's otherwise identical.

    All this information is on the download page you presumably got your links from. As for which of these versions you have installed, doing a SELECT @@VERSION should tell you; when I run that on the SQL 2008 R2 Express install on my machine I get this:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (RTM) - 10.50.1617.0 (Intel X86) Apr 22 2011 11:57:00 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation Express Edition with Advanced Services on Windows NT 6.1 <X64> (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) (WOW64)

    So you can see this is SQL 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services.

  • Thank you Paul for your reply. I've just found out that it is possible to update the patch only without uninstalling the sql express again. If we just double click on the SQLEXprs.exe (downloaded from Microsoft website) it will try to install the sql again and will give you an error but if you try to install the patch through command prompt with upgrade switch....the SP install will be successful

  • To get past all the beating-around-the-bush, and to help the next very busy Admin who's looking for this same information, HERE IS HOW YOU UPGRADE YOUR SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS to SP4:

    1. Download the SQLEXPR file (54 Mb or so); yes I know it's the same File name and size as your original, and it doesn't seem to suggest JUST the SP... Do it anyway...

    2. I would suggest storing it on the Root of the SQL box you're trying to upgrade, or maybe in C:\TOOLS like I usually do (makes for easier typing, here in a minute...)

    3. Log onto that box, run CMD.exe as "Run As Administrator"

    4. Navigate to where you stored the Download in Step 1...

    5. Copy and Paste THIS WHOLE LINE at the Command Prompt:

    SQLEXPR.exe /qb UPGRADE=SQL_Engine,SQL_Data_Files,Client_Components,Connectivity INSTANCENAME=[YOUR SQL INSTANCE NAME!]

    -- That's all ONE LINE, even tho it shows here a page break... 1 line...

    -- Obviously, insert YOUR Instance Name where it says "Your SQL Instance Name"

    -- The rest of the Line stays just like you see it, here...

    6. The Setup will launch... Don't worry... It's only going to upgrade the necessary components,

    so just follow the prompts...

    7. When it's done, you'll be back at the Command window... Exit...

    8. To confirm the SP4 Upgrade, log into the Management Studio, launch a new Query, and paste

    THIS command into the Query window, precisely as you see it here, no changes:

    select serverproperty('PRODUCTLEVEL') as sql_product_level

    9. Then click the "Execute" button, and in a few seconds, in a small area near the bottom of the Query window, you'll see "SP4".... Good to go...

    I hope this helps someone else who wasted time scouring the Internet for this information.

    CLARITY and THOROUGHNESS are beautiful things (and great Time savers).

  • @gscot81 - Great work with clarity and complete details.

  • Old post but I actually needed to upgrade it in our environment, I looked all over but couldn't find it, thank you thank you thank you gscot81 for the detailed explanation!!! BTW, for me, I have to make sure the case was exactly as listed, that is upper case and lower case did make a difference in my environment. FYI.

  • Don't include the square brackets around the instance name, otherwise the upgrade won't recognize your named instance.

  • I discovered an old SQL Express instance backing one of our virtual environments, and needed to upgrade to SP4 in order to further upgrade to SQL 2012 Express. Your directions are concise and accurate. Thank you so much.

  • @gscot81,

    I had tried and system check window popup and nothing happen.

    Any other soltuion.

  • Hi team,

    instance of SQL Server 2005 32bit installed on Windows 2003 SP2 x64. This means SQL Server is "running in the WOW". WOW stands for Windows on Windows and means you have a 32bit application running inside a 64bit OS. My mssql 2005 express edition and windows 64 bit.I need update patch 4..

    Please suggest any patch is not valid to maganement studio.

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