Sp1 issue?

  • Summer90


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    I have 2 SQL 2000 SP1 installations and when I am in Ent. MGR, database, taskpad, table info all tables say they have zero rows when this is not the case, the size in K for the tables does appear to be correct. I have auto stats update option on the database and I used the db maint wizard to update statistics once a day with a 95% sample, I have changed this to 50 and to 100 with no effect. I have 2 SQL 2000 installations without SP1 and it reflects the correct number or rows in each table. ANY IDEAS????? thx in advance.

  • Brian Knight

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    Try to run this query to see if you see the same results. This will show you what SQL Server thinks it has in the tables:

    select substring(o.name, 1, 30) Table_Name ,i.rows Number_of_Rows

    from sysobjects o

    inner join sysindexes i

    on (o.id = i.id)

    where o.xtype = 'u'

    and i.indid < 2

    order by o.name

    Brian Knight



  • Summer90


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    I ran the query you supplied and it shows the correct # of rows. Interesting query.

  • Andy Warren

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    EM is probably using DMO to get its numbers. Maybe try profiliing EM to see what is getting sent to the server, if anything.


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