SourceSafe and SQL Server Management Studio

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    Hello. I am using SQL Server Management Studio to manage some SQL Server 2000 servers. I would like to use the SourceSafe integration, but it is being problematic thus far.

    Here's the situation. Our stored procedures, etc. are all saved in SourceSafe as .sql scripts. They are not in Projects or Solutions, just .sql scripts. Whenever I try to use the Source Control stuff (Change Source control button) it tells me that the DOS path is invalid or that there are no projects or solutions in my SourceSafe folders.

    I'd just like to be able to use the Source Control integration (without just Launching the VSS client in a seperate window) to check out/in code. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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    It's the unwieldy integration between SourceSafe and SQL that prompted a third-party tool for source control -

    It integrates with SQL Server nicely, no need to maintain seperate files, and the integrated editor is excellent - and it also supports intellisense.

    There are a host of other neat features too like being able to deploy objects to other databases (all deployments being tracked by change control too).

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