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  • Well, this doesn't make sense. If 'radix' sort is named the fastest method for vectors of integers, and this is the method selected for those when 'auto' is specified, then why is 'quick' the correct answer?

    Just because you're right doesn't mean everybody else is wrong.

  • Explanation doesn't match with the "pseudo correct" answer.

    From documentation:

    The "radix" method generally outperforms the other methods, especially for character vectors and small integers. Compared to quick sort, it is slightly faster for vectors with large integer or real values

  • The number of items to be sorted would have been helpful. If you're sorting 10 things, it doesn't much matter; if you're sorting 10 million things...

  • stupid editor clicked the wrong button. Default/radix is correct.

  • The number doesn't too much matter in terms of which is better. Always plan for a large number. If it's a small number, then it doesn't matter in terms of time, but if it grows and you didn't think about it at a small number, you are in trouble.

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