Sorting by Subtotals

  • I have a report with 4 levels of grouping and at each level I have a subtotal dollar value.  I need to sort each grouping level by the subtotal amount. 
    I have tried using the sum expression on the Sorting tab (after right-click Edit Group).   This doesn't actually do anything.
    I don't want an interactive sort because I don't actually have a column header and besides that sorting needs to happen at each level of grouping not for the overall report.  Plus interactive adds those arrow images into the cell of the report.
    Is this possible?  If not, is there a way to use the interactive sort that doesn't add those arrows into every single row?

    I was playing around with interactive sorts.  Then removed them.  Now the report is sorting properly with just the Group By Sort.   Is this a know bug?  At first it wasn't having any effect.  Now it is working perfectly.

  • I've gone through 6 different reports that I need to add sorting to.   2 out of the 6 did not apply the Group sorting right away.  I added the interactive.  That seems to fix something.  Then I remove the interactive and it works as expected.  I suspect there's a bug related to report builder 1.0.   But the workaround to fix it seems to work reliably. 

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