Solving Kerberos Issues in SSRS When Running Beside IIS

  • Ian Massi


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  • Koen Verbeeck

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    Interesting article, thanks.

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  • HanShi


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    Excellent article!

    You had a lot of issues, but managed to fix them working together with the windows and network admins. Unfortunate I'm working with external service providers who are always hard to be persuaded to make changes. I will point them to your article when I need kerberos related changes!!

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  • Ian Massi


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    I'm glad you're able to find it useful already! My team is small so it's easy to work with all the different administrators. To be honest though, I glossed over the parts where I had to convince the network guys that this would work and how it works. They were very hesitant. Can't be too cautious, but you also have to get things done. I remember being in a larger environment with more geographic distribution and it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page.

    Hopefully this article will help convince your team a bit quicker than it might otherwise take.

  • Orlando Colamatteo

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    It's encouraging that you were able to get things working. Kerberos has made me rethink my chosen career path on occasions where I was lost somewhere between what the proverbial brochure said was possible and what was happening in the environment I was configuring. Thanks for detailing your experience.

    I do not work with IIS and SSRS as an admin but this was an interesting read and I picked up some general bits that I am sure will come in handy someday.

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