Software is Like Building a House

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    A little off your question but pertinent to the article:

    Steve McConnel did mention that his project differed from business in that there would be no quality shortcuts or tradeoffs, no charges for overtime, and no risk of project cancellation.

    He failed to mention there would be no mandatory scope creep by the customer.

    In my experience, the fort would be a skyscraper and just about the time you had all of the steel up, or just a bit later, the customer would ask for a couple of sub-basements -- not realizing or caring about the difficulty in replacing or modifying the foundation with hundreds of tons of steel standing on it already. From the non-technical customer's point of view, coding is something done via a tool similar to a word processor, so adding to the code should be no more difficult than scrolling back and inserting a few extra paragraphs in a white paper.

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