Software dev best practices test?

  • Years ago I remember reading this manifesto almost about how a company should approach software dev and it was originally on this guy's blog then it became well known and people referred to it as his first name. It was a list of things that healthy dev shops did and you could count up how many your shop did and see how healthy your practices were. I would have sworn it was called the Jared test or something similar but I can't find it on Google to save my life. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or is this some Mandela Effect symptom?

  • Are you thinking of The Joel Test?


  • Sue_H wrote:

    Are you thinking of The Joel Test? Sue

    YES!!! Thank you! Shoot, it was alluding me. My Google searches were not helping me either. Typing software +best practices +test brought back 63 trillion results about testing software. Now I can sleep well tonight. Your contribution to my sanity is greatly appreciated.

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