Snowflake ODBC to SQL Ole Destination ERROR

  • Hi there, everyone.

    We've create and SSIS package that gets data from a Snowflake database via an ODBC source which then populates a SQL OLE DB destination table. This happens within a work flow task. When we run it from within Visual Studio everything runs perfectly, yet when we schedule it as a SQL Server Agent job it fails with:

    Data Flow Task:Error: SQLSTATE: 22002, Message: [Snowflake][ODBC](10450) Indicator pointer is required by the driver to indicate NULL output data, but is not provided.;

    We've searched far and wide and tried a few things, but nothing has worked so far. Has anyone else come across this? Does anyone know what this means or how we could solve this?

  • The error is coming from the Snowflake ODBC connector.  I would check that it is configured the same on the server where SQL is hosted and on your visual studio machine.  Failing that, I'd reach out to the snowflake folks as the problem is coming from the Snowflake side, not the SQL Server side.

  • Thank you for your response! I think I’ll have to get hold of the Snowflake folks it seems.

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