SMTP Mail task failure

  • Hi all,

    I downloaded the smtptask.exe from and installed it.  I drag this new task into a brand-new dts package and provide all necessary inputs.  But, I get this error consistently when I attempt to execute.

    (800403F4), Description = SMTP Mail Task: Execute() failed

    I'm sure there are many out there who used this utility, please share your thoughs on what you did to fix it.



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  • do you have an antivirus or firewall application on the machine that blocks port 25?  we did and had to set up a list of exceptions on the machines sending SMTP.

  • No, that is not the case.  Come on guys, there must be hundreds of you using this already.  There is a silly thing that I must've missed.



  • Well, I followed the steps you did and eveything worked fine.

  • Do you mind detailing steps, so I can work out if I've missed something.



  • Do you have package logging turned on? You might get additional error details that way.

    I've also used this task and haven't had any problems.

    Just followed steps as outline on the website.

    Did you make sure all the mandatory fields were filled in on the property pages?


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