• How do we process and send SMS

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  • If you're looking to send to say, a mobile phone, most phones have an email for text messaging. As far as SQL Server is concerned, sending is the same as sending any other email. If you can figure out how to hook up an incoming SMS message where it'll drop into an mailbox, SQL Server can read and process the incoming text messages just as it would a normal email message. Otherwise, there's nothing native other than alerts using SQL Server Agent to send.


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  • for example like this:

    Send SMS from a trigger

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  • Thanks.

    I have got some idea.

    The real thing is I'm working for a University. When we publish the exam results,

    I want to notify the students through SMS.  For that I like the students to send an SMS to a number like

    RESULTS 9999

    and after receiving  this SMS how can I reply with the results automatically like

    Sub1 <Grade>,  Sub2 <Grade> . . .

    What are the hardwares, telephone instruments, telephone connections,softwares needed

    Thanks in advance

  • something like this comes to mind:

    You'll need some kind of SMS-interceptor, that will email data to SQL Server "asking" for grades. SQL Server, after processing email message, sends SMS back to originator...

    I found a sample on Microsoft on how to read SMS messages -

    >.NET Compact Framework Sample: Receiving SMS Messages</A

    See if it helps, or if I can help with this...

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  • wow.

    sending mail from a trigger seems like a REALLY bad idea...


  • It generally is because you're holding up a database operation while the email is being readied and sent. What's typically done is a trigger would dump to a table which gets read periodically and emails generated from the contents of the table.


    K. Brian Kelley

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