Smooth Database Deployment at SQL in the City 2014

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  • Well, I have learned to check my calendar before booking holidays now. I wanted to attend SQL Bits in Telford (less than 25 miles from my doorstep) but was abroad taking an essential break. Now the next opportunity is 150 miles away on a day I cannot make it.

    In case anyone is considering going then, from what I have heard, these events are really worth your time. As someone who did a MSc (via the OU so not some dodgy Internet pay and print degree ;-)) totally remotely, only communicating via email and post except one mandatory face to face meeting with the dissertation supervisor, I have been persuaded over time that personal attendance can be very beneficial.

    For me the £50 fee wouldn't be a big issue and I can understand that it has been introduced to combat the people who register then don't attend because they have literally nothing to lose. I really hope that it doesn't put anyone off (there is a free ticket option for those who qualify).


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  • crussell-931424 (8/26/2014)

    Too bad if wasn't cost effective to come to some of the smaller communities (relatively speaking) such as Boise, Idaho.

    We need a SQL Saturday in Boise! If you get one, we might do a seminar there. I'd certainly like to come.

  • Read the editorial, followed the links to see what the agenda would be for the SQL in Seattle meeting. I think it might be interesting to attend. I am checking with another on staff to see what the level of interest might be.


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  • I'm not sure the best way to address this, other than to ask if you have a formula for how often you put a press release in the editorial slot?

  • No, though it wasn't supposed to be a press release. It was an editorial that I wrote about the events, and what we'll be talking about.

  • I am debating going. I work on an ERP system so our shop is small with only 1 real SQL Instance. Not sure if there is enough bang for the buck (in this case my time). I am going to PASS though which starts that week in Seattle.

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