SMO compatibility error

  • Is anyone aware of any forward compatibility bug in the SMO library?

    We are having an issue with a .NET client using SMO to check for create database permission.

    It seems to have trouble reading the 2008 R2 library when communicating with SQL 2012.

  • When using SMO for SQL Server you need to remember that going backwards is supported but going forward will not always work. In your case this is especially true. Get the updated SMO libraries for the version of SQL Server you are running and things will work correctly.

    Ben Miller
    Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server, SQL MVP
    @DBAduck -

  • Backwards always supported ? Not sure ...

    Because the library is changing and you can have problems with classes changing from dll .

    It is why I am always advicing to import the SMO dll in the application : with a fatter code but your application is working against every version of SQL Server. I have had at least answered three times on the SMO Forum ( MSDN ) , supported every time by some MSFT moderators.

    You may have also problems with versions in R2 ( like SQL Server 2008 R2 ) which had the bad habit to replace the existing dll as they were installed in the same folder with the same name.

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