slower disk performance with VMWARE versus physical

  • Kind of open ended question but having issues with clearly degraded disk performance with our sql servers running on vmware versus physical.  Anyone with past experience with this issue have any places to look?


  • There is a lot of places to look actually. Controller Selection and -Layout for the Disks matters as much as seeing that the VM can pass QD > 1 to the SAN, provisioning ratio, even the interconnect between host and storage array matters if for nothing else than latency.

    As you said yourself it's an open ended Question and I think to get hints about issues that only seem to occur when virtualized, this is the wrong forum after all. There is a good reason why the VMware Certification track goes to such extend because it's not done in 5 minutes and all runs well. There is also a whitepaper on the Webs for SQL Server on VMware best practices, maybe you should consult that first.

    Don't get me wrong I don't want to sound harsh but I've been part of one team with a VMware Infrastructure where in the end of the story VMware did release ESXi 6.5 Update 1 because of the issues we faced and couldn't even get to see a PSOD. Not even VMware did want to belive there was no PSOD until they were on site having a look at it themselves.

  • thanks I am new DBA at company so just trying to navigate now will work with our vmware/storage team


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