• Does anyone know what the wait type SLEEP_BPOOL_STEAL means?  I cannot find any documentation for it.

    We are trying to troubleshoot very long runtimes in one of our test environments.  I am seeing a lot of SLEEP_BPOOL_FLUSH - which I am familiar with - but I am also seeing SLEEP_BPOOL_STEAL - which I cannot find any additional information on.  These are mainly happening on log shipping restores.

    Server is running SQL 2019 CU10

    We are fairly certain the issue is related to storage array on the host server, but are trying to gather as much information as we can since the problem doesn't seem consistent.

  • looks like you need to learn to google. first hit when searching for it

  • I guess I could come back with "Looks like you need to learn to read." but that would be rude.

    I was not asking about SLEEP_BPOOL_FLUSH - I can find plenty of information on that.

    I am looking for information on SLEEP_BPOOL_STEAL



  • double apologies - way to many here that just expect us to supply them with the links - and I misread your title and didn't confirm the contents.

    Unless Paul sees this thread I would send him an email and ask about it - I'm sure that if it is important it will be added to the list he maintains -

    its likely to be a new one on 2019 as I never saw that one before (at least like that - I did see Buffer::Steal which may or not be the same)


  • No hard feelings...  been a frustrating week 😀

    Thanks for that link; that's a great list.

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