Skip Primary Key Constraint Error

  • On insert of few thousand record iam facing a primary key voilation error.

    Is there any metord to skip the error and execute the query successfully.

    ScheduleActivityLog Table Structue



    Index and Constraints




    into ScheduleActivityLog



    'Comments'='DIALER DUMP',



    'ActivityDate'=dbo.ConvertTimeZone(CONVERT(CHAR(10),DialerDump.CallDate,121) +' ' + CONVERT(CHAR(12),DialerDump.CallDate,114),'EST','IST'),

    'FollowUpDate'=dbo.ConvertTimeZone(CONVERT(CHAR(10),DialerDump.CallDate,121) +' ' + CONVERT(CHAR(12),DialerDump.CallDate,114),'EST','IST'),




    FROM TempDialerDump DialerDump

    INNER JOIN ScheduleMaster ScMaster

    ON ScMaster.LeadId= DialerDump.LeadId

    WHERE ScMaster.INVOICE_ID is not null


    ScheduleActivityLog  contains lot of duplicate records.

    While executing the above code i get the Primary ket constraint error please help me how can i remove primary ket voilation.

  • You can drop the primary key, however this would likely cause a lot more problems. Most of the time primary keys are placed for a good reason (i.e. to uniquely identify a specific record). I think it would be a really, really bad idea to drop the primary key.

  • If they are unique, can you either SELECT DISTINCT or GROUP BY to remove the duplicates?  Other options is to place the records in a temp table and only insert the records that do not exist in the other table.  Then you can update the old records with the new records.

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