Site Status 2019-04-16

  • Too late last night to update, but today's update includes both Monday and Tuesday.We had some scheduling bugs where links were redirected to incorrect content. This had to do with dates being stored in a few places, which meant some content didn't get re-scheduled properly. Bad database design, which I know is embarrassing for a SQL site.

    The way WordPress was written, and many plugins, and then our extensions varies. As a result, some of the behavior of modules we rely on wasn't consistent. When I move content around, sometimes the forums or newsletter links don't get correctly updated with new dates. These work for admins, but not for regular users. Grrr. A fix in in the works, but it takes time, and mostly testing.

    Monday had some other internal issues at Redgate, so not a lot of fixes, but some debugging. I filed a few more issues, most lower priority. I am posting this essentially at COB in the UK as that's when the work on the site essentially ceases.

    We also decided to reorganize ourselves a bit and build some high and low priority projects. That will help us decide what to work on and help me keep track of items

    Issue Status:

    • High priority Frontend items - 33 items, 3 in progress. The redirection item and pasting of images in the forums and articles are being worked. After this we will be aiming at fixing the forum styling and quoting issues for code.
    • Low Priority Frontend Items - 14,  None being worked right now
    • High priority infrastructure items - 40 items, including some data migration items. None in progress right now as redirects are taking priority
    • Admin priority items - 13, 1 in progress, 1 blocked. These are backend items that none of you see, but keep the site running.
    • Admin backlog - 7 items, none being worked.

    Progress today was fixing some of the blog feed items, which were intertangled with the scheduling issues we've had. This was a longer piece of work than expected, but this was part of the reason links were broken yesterday.

    Plugin testing to allow image pasting continues. Hopefully this will pass and get deployed in the next day or two.

    Forum styling work should start tomorrow.

    We lost a developer for awhile. He just had a baby (congrats, Edward!) and he's on paternity. A new dev should start Tuesday and I have requested one more to tackle the large backlog.

    Any questions, ask.


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