Single Login Cannot view DTS Packages in UAT , Can see in DEV - Same permissions

  • After refreshing DEV & UAT from PROD db & syncing the users , A single login wasn't able to view DTS packages in both DEV & UAT. I did some research & found that the login would need permissions on MSDB db also for viewing the DTS packages. After giving DTS permissions in DEV , DEV works fine for that login .

    However, in UAT that login cannot view the packages, The permissions are exactly the same as DEV .

    Afterwards I made that Login as dbo in MSDB , still nogo.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Also, Had a few other queries :

    1. How do you login in EM as a different user, I can login as the disputed Login above in QA, but while trying to use SQL authentication in EM , it goes in & shows me my sysadmin views only not another user. What I want to do is to login as the Login ( in dispute above) and see what he is seeing.

    2. Is there a t-sql in 2000 to view the permissions of a user like in 2005 we have fn_my_permissions?

  • Yo, how about some valuable suggestions!!

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