Simple SQL CLR Integration

  • Adam, thanks for the succinct summary.

    Steve Miller

  • I think the article is fine, but it seems to ignore the Visual Studio 2005 tools that can make the process of creating and debugging SQL CLR exectuables far easier.



    William (Bill) Vaughn
    Author, Mentor, Consultant, Microsoft MVP

  • Excellent article!!! I am new to SQL Server and am charged with moving a MS Access application to SQL. I have managed to get all our business rules translated to the point all MS Access is used for is a "front end" consisting only of a database full of forms. Part of our application requires the output of reports in an Excel format. A resonably easy task in VBA. I have been struggling on how to accomplish this in SQL Server 2005. Since I am able to create the customm reports using VB.NET or C# .Net, this article gave me the link I desparately was searching for!

    My Kudos to the author!

  • Best example I have seen on the web. It actually works if you follow the steps.

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