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  • Good interview, and I think the marketing angle Red Gate has chosen makes a lot of sense. I really like the SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare products (with a couple of minor caveats).

    But DTS Compare doesn't work properly at all, and I really, really wish it did. I worry that as soon as 2005 ships, any lingering desire to fix this will vanish and we will have lots of legacy stuff that we have trouble supporting because we lack a proper compare tool.

    Arguably, it's only because the other tools are good that DTS Compare is so disappointing.

    Very good to see SQL Server Central doing this kind of work - keep it up!


  • We've been using SQL Data Compare for a couple of years and SQL Compare for just over a year and we've been extremely happy with the tools. Further, we're happy with the company. We identified a problem with how SQL Data Compare was selecting data and they fixed it. I've only ever had that experience with Embarcadero. Every other company I've worked with gives me the "We'll note it and address it in the next release which is scheduled for 2012." We use Imceda/Quest LiteSpeed and Lumigent LogExplorer, but with the experience we've had with RedGate, I'm going to push a thorough evaluation of their offerings in this area.

    The only problem we've had with RedGate is that the tools have been so good that, in our mixed shop, Oracle and SQL Server, the Oracle people are jealous. Keep up the good work.

    Great interview too.

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  • Great interview. In particular the comments on the Quest purchase of Imceda. Lets hope it doesn't go that way. Part of reason it's a great product is the support. Hate to see that change based on how big your company is.

    Look forward to checking out the SQL log rescue tool!


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