Side by side installation of different editions of SQL Server

  • Is there any article that speaks about Side-by-Side installation of different editions of SQL Server ( versions could be same or different too). I searched but found only [Side-By-Side Installation][1] which doesn't speak of Editions.

    Any help or insight or experiences is appreciated. If nothing is found, will do an installation myself to see how it turns out.

    -- In 'thoughts'...

    --In 'thoughts'...
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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • i'm not sure how you would manage licenses if you combine editions on a single server, or if it's possible from an MS licensing point of view, i.e. mixing standard and enterprise.  and then if you are talking about mixing standard or enterprise with express and/or developer - why?  you would basically be consuming precious CPU from your paid editions for free editions. doesn't make any sense.



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