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  • The topic does not say that it won't run with sqlserver 7, it's just too old to be listed.

    Logic says it should run just fine with any 32bit version of sqlserver, 2005 version confirms this:

    Have a nice holiday.

  • I totally agree with Robert.

    BOL 2008 doesn't mention SQL Server 7.0 since mainstream support for 7.0 ended in 2005. So the BOL 2008 doesn't mention it as "side by side supported", since it is not (mainstream) supported anyway!

    As BOL2005 mentions it as "side by side supported", I would definitely think it will still run fine side by side with SQL 2008, though it would be nice if anyone could confirm that after testing (I don't have anything on SQL Server 7.0, so I can not do so).

    Maybe the question should be reworded to: "what side by side installations are supported", but I'm personally more interested in what's possible than in what's supported.

    Peter Rijs
    BI Consultant, The Netherlands

  • Supported is important to know, and good points that the question should mention it. I've changed the question to show that.

  • With all but the SQL Server 7 running side by side on my 64 bit laptop (actually 32 bit SQL 2005 is excluded) I made a guess on this one since the documentation was as listed above.

    Historically, it has been my experience that loading the latest version of a Microsoft product first, then reloading the previous will allow side by side configurations. For example, the following Visual Studio versions are running on the laptop... VS2008, VS 2005, VS2003,VS6,and VS5.

    And much like the fact that VS6 and VS5 are not supported... they still operate without issues. Others who keep their VB6 and VB5 configurations on separate development machine loaded with Windows 98, as yet, haven't indicated there are issues with anything developed on the 64 bit laptop.

    I suspect (not positive), that loading SQL Server 7 on my laptop in a configuration that will run, is possible. 2000 definitely works and is currently working here in a side by side. I can probably dig up the MSDN copy in my library and make an attempt to install it if it is a question.

    Given this, might it be conclusive to say that a 32 bit and 64 bit of the same version may have issues but the 64 bit supports 32 so is it actually an issue?

    Ah, caveat on the NET versions of Visual Studio. If say a released vs2003 dll is in production, and you develop a newer version in vs2008, the dll on your local will update. It gets tricky. Probably same is true with the SQL versions but they elude me now.


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