Sharepoint SQL Database Backups

  • Has anyone had an issue with SQL Server databases supporting Sharepoint 2007 waiting sometimes for hours to start the backup process? Most of the time, the backup takes about only 20 minutes. Occassionally it will hang for six hours waiting to finish. Most of the time, this long time correlates with the log also taking a long time. It also seems to be waiting for something to finish. We don't have anything like this difficulty with a host of other non-Sharepoint SQL Server databases.

    If you have had an issue, what did you do about it?

  • Had in issue once where something similar was happening.

    Turned out that the Sharepoint admin had set some sort of full catalogue or scan job to run just before the backups were due to run.

    This was not a SQL job, it was something in the SP Admin centre. I believe it was somehting similar to a reindex job and it was writing (very heavily) to a table.

    Sorry I'm not being very technical, Sharepoint is not my forte 🙂

    I put on my Authority hat and forbade them to set it running untill after the backups were done!

  • Yes, same issue as what Shell has reported. The Sharepoint crawler was running indexing the sharepoint sites at the same time the database was being backed up, causing the backups to take longer and longer as the crawler took longer to complete.

    Moved the crawler to start at another time and backups where a lot quicker to complete.

  • It turned out the crawler and backup were occuring at the same time. Moving them apart by three hours still does not provide a consistently smooth backup process. Most of the time the backup runs smoothly, but too often there is an issue that keeps the backup from finishing properly.

    I'm still going to see how this goes, but does anyone have any other ideas to try. None of my other SQL Server DB backups have ever had this kind of issue.


  • Not sure if this is a clue, but almost every time the backup takes a long time or doesn't start, the transaction log backup immediately preceeding it takes a long time. Don't know if that's a cause, symptom, or coincidence.

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