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  • Nice article! In this article the data is mirrored so a datacorruption problem would also be mirrored. As a DBA I have been concerned withwhat the recovery plan would be if a Share Point database became corrupted, especially anon-content database such as the  configdatabase. I understood in older SharePoint versions restoring just the configdatabase to a point in the past of the other databases was not an option. I amnot sure if that is still true or not. What would the DR plan be if, forexample, our config database somehow became unusable?  Thanks for any Insight!

  • Thank you.
    let me make it clear that config and admin databases are not getting mirrored.Only content and service application databases are getting mirrored. There is no reason that you should mirror admin and content db. If you use mirrored or backed up config or admin database, it won't work. Every farm should have there own admin and config database. 
    Move Config database to new server
    Restore a farm after a configuration database problem (Office SharePoint Server)
    As far as any SharePoint database corruption is concerned, you can again try with back ups. Please let me know if you still have any question and I can definitely explain.

  • Thanks for the update, my mistake.  In our case we are using SP 2013 and we don’t have a DR Farm. I havealways been concerned about a non-content database corruption.  I guess this re-affirms my concern. As a DBA Imake sure the databases are backed up , but it seems restoring some SP databases viaSQL Server is not supported by SP.  Are there some circumstances where a SQL Serverrestore would be OK ? ( e.g.  a silly dba truncatesa table in error in the config db.  Couldwe use a SQL server restore of the config database to just before the  erroneous truncate ? ).  


  • Are there some circumstances where a SQL Serverrestore would be OK ?
    Did you mean back up and restore of config db in a different farm?

  • No, not a different farm, I mean if something bad happened to the config database  in our current farm, could we restore the config database to just before the problem using SQL server  and expect things to be OK  ?
    (Thanks  for the follow up 🙂

  • yes you can restore from back ups if it’s the same farm.

  • thanks !

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