Sharepoint 2019 and power pivot

  • We are migrating from Sharepoint 2013 on-prem to Sharepoint 2019 on-prem. In SP2013 we had Excel power pivot files (connection to SSAS multidimensional cube). A user used to open the file in SP, used it, also could save modified file and everything worked ok.

    From Sharepoint Server 2019 it seems that support for Power Pivot and Refresh is removed. We now installed Power BI Report Server 2019.

    Does anyone know what is the solution how in version 2019 a user can open and refresh power pivot Excel files in web? If in Report Server Web portal then how? What installations/servers are else needed to make it work? A user startpoint should be Sharepoint (it's the first place where users log in).

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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