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  • Andy Warren

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  • jmajcen

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    So is the single user the user setting the DB to single user mode? I've always wondered about single user mode, but have been using Restricted User which doesn't help me when trying to kick out users that are DB owners.

  • Jim Russell-390299

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    I find single user mode too restrictive, in that I cant open other SSMS queries, or run, e.g. SSIS jobs. What I really want (guess I am just selfish) is single login-in mode, where I can do anything I want under my user id, but all others are excluded.

    My compromise is RESTRICTED_USER WITH ROLLBACK AFTER 10 SECONDS, but every now and then during my bi-weekly update I run afoul of others with admin privilages.

    Is there a better way to lock out the DB for maintanance? Should I simply wrap my truncate-reload table processes as transactions?

    (On another topic, I was unable to spell check this post, as every word (except "I"!) was marked as an error with no suggestions--missing dictionary??)

  • jmajcen

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    Agreed. Being able to set single user mode to a specific username would be awesome. I don't understand why that functionality isn't there.

  • jbeauch787

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    how to separate db and add exit buttons to them?

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