Setting a SSRS multi-valued parameter from a data-driven subscription table

  • How do you get SSRS to populate a multi-valued parameter from a column in a data-driven subscription table?

    I've tried using a CSV string but SSRS throws an error in it's logfile of "Incorrect data type".

    Any help much appreciated.

  • First you need to create a new datasource which is a query of your subscription table. This will populate a list of the items you want for your parameter (remember to use a DISTINCT select to prevent duplicates).

    Then edit your parameter to retrieve data from a query and point it to this datasource.

    You will need one data source per data table. See here for more info on how this works and good luck!

  • Thanks rchesler.

    However, I don't think that it is the solution to my problem.

    I want to set up a data-driven subscription for an existing report that has several multi-valued parameters. The business requirements are to send the report, with various combinations of the multi-valued parameters, to different people as an overnight batch job.

    What I attempted was to create a subscription table with a column for each of the report's parameters and for the multi-valued parameters supply a CSV string. However, I've been unsuccessful in getting SSRS2008 to set the multi-valued parameters when it starts the scheduled task.

    I've since found, in another forum ( that this is a "feature":w00t: of SSRS2008 Report Manager. Nice one Microsoft - Not!

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